Sunday, August 5, 2012

HTML5 Charting Tool Performance Comparison

Akram El Assas has written up a performance comparison of dygraphs and a few other HTML5 charting libraries over at CodeProject.

dygraphs has always been written with large data sets in mind, and so it does quite well on these benchmarks. The one million point benchmark is particularly good:

dygraphs was the only library to complete the 1M point benchmark on 3/5 browsers, and was 6x faster than the competition on one of the others. There are a few tricks that we use to keep dygraphs running fast on large data sets. These are mostly under-the-hood, but they'll be great fodder for a future blog post.


  1. HI, I just wanted to tell you I love dygraphs, you did an awesome work on it. How can I help ?

  2. The best way for you to help is to grab a bug from our bug list (, fix it and write a regression test. See for a guide to making dygraphs changes.

  3. Came across dygraphs while looking for a way to have Google Charts display time scales properly. I did look at HighCharts but found it difficult to use. I am quite impressed with dygraphs' ease of use, feature set and performance! Graphs look great too! So far, my data sets have <100,000 data points but it is very fast.
    Thanks a whole bunch and keep up the good work!