Monday, December 31, 2012

Changes to the Experimental Palette

Hey Dygraphers,

I've been working on some bugs and features, and while at it, been pushing some nice new features into the experimental palette that makes it eminently more useful. Let's take a tour. You can play along at

1. Option Set drop-down
Using the Option Set dropdown on the palette, you can configure any axis or series that you like.

Go ahead and select line (series). You'll see a subset of the options that apply to individual series.

2. Move the line series to the second y-axis.

In the axis text box, type "y2" and press "enter" (or click Redraw, if you prefer.) The second axis will appear.

3. Configure the second y-axis.

The line is on the second y-axis, but it's not obvious. Let's make all series on the second y-axis stand out. Select y2 axis from the Option Set drop-down, and set drawPoints to true, and and pointSize to 5. Click Redraw. Presto!

4. View the options as a hash.
On the top-right of the palette is a link "to hash". Click it, and the options text box appears.

5. Change the options as a text object.

Sometimes tweaking via the object hash is the way to go. In the text box, change axisLineColor from white to green. Then click OK.

OK I didn't pick the best example because it's hard to see, but this axis is green.

Let's zoom in:
There you go! (hmm... why is there a little red in the axis?) Probably to help celebrate the christmas spirit. Happy New Year!

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