Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Dygraphs Toy: the Palette

Happy New Year! I've been working on this for the last few days and am super excited it's finally ready to show. If you've wanted to learn how Dygraphs options work, then this will probably excite you too: the Dygraphs Options Palette, available at It's easy, fun, and useful.

I've tested it with Chrome and Firefox/OSX. If you have a different browser, please give it a shot.

Major Features:
  • Make changes to a graph, live.
  • Support for most Dygraphs options (see below for details)
  • Live interaction with several predefined data sets.
  • Supports almost all Dygraphs data types, including string, int, float, boolean, string array, int array, boolean array, and function. (DOM element and dictionary are missing.)
  • Pretty integrated option help.
  • Designed with simple user experience in mind.
What's Left:
  • Not all options are supported. Some options, like labelsDiv and interactionModel are probably easy to support, but axis-specific options require more work.
  • While you can use one of the canned data sources, this palette should really work with user-supplied data sources.
  • Support for other browsers.
  • Exporting a set of options as a URL, or even a Javascript code snippet.
  • Graduate the palette into a full-featured library which can be easily applied to live graphs.

Stop reading, and go play with the options palette, available at Feedback is welcome, and code is too.

Screen Captures

You can filter down the gigantic set of options and apply them appropriately.

In this example I've taken the basic graph and set the options drawPoints: true and pointSize: 5
And now I've changed the series colors using  colors: red, green, blue, black.

And can set all kinds of values, even callbacks.

And there's lots of tooltip help. Just hover over the lines.

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